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Updated Design
After meeting with student focus groups and conducting walk-throughs on the exsisting design, my team and I
decided that onboarding was a crucial step missing from the app–essential to orienting the user on how to navigate and
use the product properly and efficiently–for the moments when it matters most.

The majority of design descisions beyond the onboarding focused on creating a lighter interface–one that felt less
heavy and stepped away from overlaying copy on dark contrasting colors. Accessibility was important given that the main purpose of this app was to alert emergency services in urgent situations–meaning the content had to make sense and be searchable or easily located in the event that the user is panicked.
The Problem–A difficult decision-making process

Students are in a time-sensitive situation that requires swift and immediate attention. The system has vague action items and the order in which tasks needed to be completed is confusing–potentially jeopardizing the safety and welfare of a student in a dangerous sitiuation.

The previous iteration
was not | did not :

Clear, straightforward or easy to use
Present a UI that felt safe | calming as opposed to urgent
Provide the user with adequate or timely feedback
The Solution

• Creating an onboarding experience that would help to 
better acclimate the user.
(This should be completed prior to use after the app has been installed)

Making action items and CTAs more prominent

Creating a lighter and less threatening visual environment

GW PAL, can also be used to submit crime tips to GWPD. Other features include a shortcut to the 4RIDE call line to find a safe ride home while on campus, and a log of recent GW Alerts.
Previous Design
CTA (Landing Page)
User Profile
Submit a Tip
Onboarding was added to make the learning process less confusing for new users–especillay those in a time-sensitive or stressful situation
Client: The George Washington University, GWPD
Services: Interactive Design, Illustration
Role: Lead Designer
Tools: Adobe CC Suite–Illustrator, After Effects, Sketch

GW PAL–A mobile safety app for the university, or Personal Alarm Locator. When installed and opened on an iOS or Android smartphone, this app acts as a mobile silent alarm that can alert the GW Police Department while simotaneously sending them the exact location of the user.

The redesign features visual updates, explainer text and an onboarding experience–part of a “How-To” campaign for the product re-launch. The previous iteration suffered from a lack of clarity, poor visual hierarchy and unclear CTAs– 
resulting in a poor user experience. The intent was to push the new design immediately–given that any considerable downtime could jeopardize the potential users.
GW PAL–Redesign